Nov 10, 2012

The shimmering light of India's Pride!

This year, may the festival of Diwali gleam over India 
and celebrate womanhood!

Women's are always adorable in India, and it  has a long history. Indira Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Aruna Asaf ali, M.S. Subbalaxmi and Nightingale of India Lata Mangeshkar are honored by Nation's highest civil award Bharat Ratna. It is their extraordinary flair of talent that has honoured them with the ‘Bharat Ratna’ award! Applauds do not suffice as a tribute to their remarkable endeavours. 

This Diwali, let’s take an oath to protect the integrity of every girl child and empower them towards a radiant future filled with respect and admiration. It's time we salute the radiance of these 'Bharat Ratna' awardees, who set an example for the able women of our country with their undying spirit.

 ‘Pride of India’ is a CSR initiative that belongs to Darode-Jog Properties. Through this auspicious Diwali greeting, we aim to empower our female counterparts and hope this awareness of women empowerment showers enlightenment. Let’s celebrate this Diwali by backing this cause & supporting the many NGO’s and institutions that work towards the welfare of women in India.

The Bharat Ratna is used in this greeting only for information purposes. We have no intention of traversing any protocols, laws in regard to the Bharat Ratna, for its use in words or in visuals, as our sole purpose is of giving information. The personalities featured are meant to be as inspirational icons only and not for promotional purposes. 

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