May 30, 2009

Manditala Dar....

Visually attractive campaign specially made for the recession time.
It says, The Best of The Homes are Now available in Lower Rates...

'An Unbelievable Truth'

, Truth

The DJPL campaign 'An Unbelievable Truth' for their residential & commercial scheme 'Greenland County'with the star Irfan Khan, was a dream come true which enthralled the whole Pune. This campaign is great work in less time which got immediate and huge responses. Cheers to this success!!

Prayers are Accepted :)

A nice photograph that inspired nice hoarding concept

German Food Fest

German Food Fest, an interesting task. Though, clearly puts GERMAN, but actually an adventure to put it visually. To illustrate was even more interesting.
Enjoyed the aroma of German cuisines while working on it :)