May 15, 2013

Maharashtra Chess Leauge Team Logos

Final Logo of Mumbai Movers
Final Logo of Nagpur Royals, the name changed for three times...
First it was Defenders, then Phalnxs and then Royals...
I worked thrice because it was  hand crafted lettering
Working File
Woking file
Prepration of Team allotment Programme
Player's bid
And the player is hired....
The Mumbai Movers at the player's bid
It was well organized by White Copper Entertainment...

And this was the Battle Field . A- first- of - its- kind
Chess Tournament
A Worrier Totem

Royals on ground field
A Dug House
Last month I got an opportunity to work upon a team logo for the Chess Tournament. The Maharashtra Chess Council organized a state level Chess Premier League. This was one-of-it's-kind tournament designed by Pune's Grand Master, Abhijit Kunte. And the Team allotment done by the hands of India's first Grand Master Vishwnathan Anand.  I feel proud to be associated with this tournament...

Liviano Golf Tournament

It was the second year of Darode jog - Liviano Golf Tournament and golf clinic. Here I shared the identity for the tournament.