Feb 23, 2010

Balmitra : New Identity

Recently I designed the logo for Balmitra… a weekly supplement of Sakal newspaper. I would like to share how the initial idea for this logo struck me. Once I was trying to lull my year-old daughter to sleep. It is interesting to see how children have their favorite things. My daughter just doesn’t sleep unless she gets her own blanket… a hand-stitched one with big colourful patterns (called Godhadi in Marathi). When I started working for the logo, this was the first thing that came to my mind and I used the same pattern in the logo design!
I also worked on the ad campaign for Balmitra Drawing Competition. This competition completed its silver jubilee this year. The campaign was woven around the theme ‘a competition that colours the expressions of two generations’. Incidentally, I was also one of the participants in this competition. :)

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  1. can you give me the result of balmitra drawing competition conducted on 19 th december 2010